Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Wedding reception assistance needed!!! We need your help!!!

Posted by Emily Swanson, 1 hour 49 min ago
Expires 1 week 11 hours from now
This is us! :) photo courtesy of PixByJulie -
Brendan & Emily's engagement photo courtesy of PixByJulie
Mount Olivet Lutheran Church
Fellowship Hall, directly below Main Sanctuary (there will be directional signs)
5025 Knox Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 
August 25, 2012 at 9:00 am - 12:30 pm (can work  1 hour or 2 hour shifts, or for full duration)

Role Responsibilities: 
We need your help!!! Let us know what you are willing to help with. 
There will be multiple people assisting so this workload will be shared.
We need help with serving. We will be having a buffet style serving table, where we will have two lines formed to have guests serve themselves. We will be having the reception catered, and the caterer will provide the food and drinks. Drinks will all be non-alcoholic, and there will be a punch table set up.
This role may involve setting up the punch table and buffet tables by unwrapping linens and laying them out on the table, placing linens on 70" table rounds along with a table scarf, placing clear vases with flowers in them as centerpieces. We may need help setting tables, and will need help putting table numbers on the table.
There will likely be 15 tables, no more than 90 guests (a small to medium sized wedding). There will be a go-to person if you have any questions at the event, and written instructions for you when you arrive. Also, this information can be mailed to you prior to the event if you wish; we would just need your contact info to do this.
The food served will be quiches already scored. We will need help with putting quiches in the ovens for warming (the temperature will not be very hot) and taking them out to bring them to the buffet tables. We will need a little help with directing traffic so that people know where the lines start. You may or may not be involved putting up 10 small decorations made of paper to hang from the ceiling. There will be a step ladder available if this is needed. We will need help with setting up the photobooth which will involve putting semi permanent 3m hooks on the wall (very easy, I've done it before and it's a snap) and hooking a lightweight fabric to hang down as a backdrop, also placing lightweight photobooth props in a bin, and arranging two chairs in front of the backdrop. This role will require some light lifting, maybe 5 - 10 lbs at most, and will require standing on your feet for an hour at a time; 10 min breaks will be allowed after every full hour of service.
--> --> --> You are more than welcome to take part in the festitivies as a guest and will be invited to join in the meal if you would like. Please bring your appetite. <-- <-- <-- Please report your hours after you have completed them, within 1-2 days of wedding.
Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this request.
Emily & Brendan

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Metallic Gold Pens for Guest Book!

I've got two metallic gold gel-like pens that are intended for the guest book. I think buying two more sb good, and then we'd be set for pens!


Woo hoo! I've got never-been-used-before miles that will still qualify me for a free US Continental flight for the honeymoon. We can make it happen now! Thank you Delta!

Candied orange slices

Here are some candied orange slices I found online while suffering from insomnia. Yay! We're saved! Now all we need are lemon leaves, and baby clementines. 

(For the cake decoration.)

The Most Memorable Bridal Shower Ever!!

Need I say more? :)

I am unable to sleep right now, and need to get up in 5 hours. Fortunately, I have only good thoughts inside my head, about candied oranges, nice people, and harp music. 

Usher, the role not the musician

eHow's take on how to be an usher

Still yet to do

1. Ask Dad if he does want a rental supplier for dessert reception, and search for one.
2. Tie, Pants, and shoes for Daniel. He's in men's!
3. Email to Nanette with contact info for Rehearsal Dinner guests.
4. Drop off Marriage Certificate and Program to Jan at the church.
5. Choose bridesmaids accessories. Finding a ton of different options. Now to finalize the decision.
6. Provide guest list to MOH and best man.
7. Purchase more pens for signature plates.
8. Create schedule for day of wedding and supply to vendors and applicable people involved.
9. Purchase or make gifts for bridal party and close family - half done!
10. Track gifts and send thank you notes - just started on this.
11. Locate babysitting options for out of town guests attending.
12. Finalize special preferences for the officiants.
13. Call guests who have not responded yet.
14. Verify with reception venue caterer will have access to site when they need it.
15. Confirm delivery locations, times, and final arrangements with your florist. Recruit someone to oversee who will get what on the wedding day.
16. Finalize seating chart.
17. Create place cards - started on this.
18. Confirm rehearsal details and wedding day schedule with your officiant.
19. Confirm all final payment amounts with the vendors.
20. Confirm location, date, and time with your photographer. Create your 'must-take' photo list.